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Do you keep logging into the same web sites all day?

We all go to the same web sites every day to see our online accounts for banks, credit cards, emails, bills, etc.

Employees in business have to do the same for login to different web sites belonging to their suppliers, vendors, service providers, institutions, etc.

Each time and every day we keep on doing the same repetitive task, wasting time and money. We can do better.

Automatic Login Shot

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WindowSurfer can help if your answer to any of the following is yes.
  • You or your employeess login to the same web sites daily, multiple times during the day.
  • You are tired of typing in the Usernames and Passwords for your online accounts, over and over again.
  • You find yourself logged-out when you actually need the web page.
  • You have difficulty remembering your UserNames and Passwords.
  • You work with multiple browser windows and don't like the overlapping mess of browser windows and the desktop clutter.
  • You don't want to waste your time on waiting for web pages to load. WindowSurfer can load several web pages simultaneously in the background, while you continue with your current page without interruption.
  • You compromise security by creating similar passwords for all your accounts.
  • You are fed up with those annoying popups that interrupt in your work.
    Download and try WindowSurfer. You will be absolutely amazed.

    No Typing UserNames
    No Typing Passwords
    No Typing Web Addresses
    Auto Load on start
    Never Get Logged Out
    No Popups
    Reduce Desktop Clutter
    Store Passwords Securely

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