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Problems With Login To Online Accounts

The following questions previously asked by users may help you with your problem.

1. What URL I should use for login to It does not have a login page of its own?

Use WindowSurfer will automatically do the login through sign-in screen.

2. I am having problem with login to Bank Of America. Is there any solution?

Please try with this URL: Replace CA with the 2 digit State abbreviation for your State.

3. I am having problem with login to Citibank. What could be wrong?

With Citibank you can login in one of 2 ways, with a UserID and Password or with a Nickname and PIN. You should not have any problem if you sign-in using a UserID and Password.

4. My web site has a button for Passport 'Sign In'. One has to click on the 'Sign In' button before it shows the login screen. How to login with such sites?

Use the URL for web page that shows the 'Sign In' button and enter your UserName (email) and password in the WindowSurfer 'Add/Edit Link' dialog. When making the Login, WindowSurfer will detect the 'Sign In' button and will do the login through sign-in screen without any other action on your part.

5. I have 2 Email accounts with WindowSurfer sometimes makes a login to my other account by error.

Some websites do not allow you to login to more than 1 account from one computer at the same time. When creating a Link in WindowSurfer, select Auto-Load for only one of your accounts with the same web-site in such cases. You may select Auto-Fill for both of your accounts, though, so that you don't have to fill-in your username and password. Remember to logout of your first account before you attempt to login to the other account. The wrong behaviour occurs because of the way the website handles cookies on your computer.

6. Bank of America, Canada requires my social security number besides my username and password. Can WindowSurfer fill in my SSN also?

Yes. Go to the menu Options/'WindowSurfer Options'. Click on 'Logins' tab and enter your social security number. WindowSurfer will fill-in your SSN only for links created by you where you have opted for auto-fill.


For specific help, please send us URL of the web site alongwith a brief description of the problem. Our normal response time is within 1 business day. Both Registered as well as non-registered users may use this facility.

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